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Addiction is a very complex disease that requires a multi-disciplinary approach when it comes to treatment and management. And once you complete your treatment, whether it’s a residential rehab program, detox, or outpatient program, you will need continued support and mentorship to avoid the chances of a relapse.

Please note that your home, friends, and hangout joints can remind you of your addiction and make you start taking drugs again. Thus, you need to get the right support to continue your recovery journey. At The Sober Living, we provide you with the right resources and support to give you the stability you require to regain control of your life. Our sober living program will help you maintain and sustain sober living in the future.

What makes our

Program unique?

The Sober Living has a wide network of structured sober living homes across different states. We are proud to have sober living communities in New York, Texas, and California. Our sober living homes provide a safe, program-oriented, and fun-oriented environment where you or your loved one can find purpose and progress, as well as build the right foundation for a drug and alcohol-free life. In addition, our programs equip you with the right skills to flourish in all aspects of life.
All the staff in our sober living homes have professional backgrounds, years of experience, counseling training and certifications, and different expertise in wellness, health, and employment services. Besides, we have experienced case managers who work around the clock to assist our patients during recovery. We offer a wide range of sober living services, which include:

  • Psychiatry and medication management
  • Outpatient services
  • Inpatient services
  • Recovery coaching
  • Life coating

At The Sober Living, we have realized that integrating a structured sober living with classy amenities helps foster a supportive environment, which can help guide you towards recovery. Our staff encourages personal responsibility and increased freedom as you progress in your recovery journey. This includes volunteer work, day trips, mentoring, life skills training, continuing education, fitness training, resume building, and job search.

A community setting

Within a home

At The Sober Living, we always aim to foster that community feeling in all our residences. Besides, we encourage friendship and camaraderie among all our residents. We believe that the more support you or your loved one gets in recovery, the better. A positive and consistent environment creates a sense of safety and security among our clients. This, in turn, empowers them to examine, explore, and overcome their triggers, fears, and any issues surrounding drug and substance addiction.
The structure of our sober living homes ensures that you get the right support—thanks to our staff and sober managers who are available to you round the clock. This helps create a sober environment for all our clients—which is what they need to deal with their addiction problems.
We always aim to teach all our residents to become responsible—thus, we allocate daily shared chores like cleaning your room, bathroom, and kitchen. This also helps one become a dependable member of the community. Also, we encourage all our patients to develop strong bonds, which play a big role in maintaining sobriety.

The right sober

Living environment

The Sober Living provides you with the right and support drug-free environment of a like-minded community. We ensure that all our clients receive the right support from their peers and sober coaches. And, in case you need any further assistance, we can offer referrals for the clinical treatment or help you might need—this includes psychologists, psychiatrists, and other professionals.

Our sober living programs are offered in a group home environment. This allows you or your loved one to get a stress-free transitional period between recovery and living independently. In our sober living homes, you will live together with other recovering addicts. And you will continue gaining confidence as a group as you navigate your way towards making the first independent steps after completing your treatment.

Besides, our sober living community allows you to enjoy safe and secure housing, training, group support, and other tools to assist you in maintaining a sober life. And as you continue regaining your confidence, you will get that stable grounding you need to take the next recovery steps.

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