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At The Sober Living, we provide sober living programs for people transitioning from addiction to sobriety. But it’s important to note that we don’t offer outpatient treatment programs. However, we recognize that you or your loved one require additional support while undergoing our sober living program and recovering from drug and substance addiction.

Thus, we can help you find the right outpatient center, one that provides accountability, consistency, and the assistance you need in dealing with the pressure that comes after you complete your rehabilitation. The programs offer an option that’s less intensive and more flexible than inpatient or partial hospitalization programs. Once we help you or your loved one identify a facility offering the right outpatient program, we normally provide transport to your outpatient program as required.

We understand that our clients play an essential role in choosing the right outpatient treatment program. To support them with their decision, we normally collaborate with their outpatient service providers to ensure that they have realistic treatment options. And, since all our residents have their unique needs and experiences, we ensure that their outpatient treatment provider takes into consideration these factors when developing their treatment plans.

All our residents are encouraged to join an outpatient treatment program. These programs come in different formats, including:

Individual therapy
This is how individual therapy sessions work: You are assigned a primary therapist to walk with you while undergoing your treatment program. You are required to meet with your therapist throughout your outpatient treatment program to discuss your recovery plan, rehabilitation progress, any arising issues, and concerns, as well as your aftercare goals.
Also, your primary therapist meets with you, your family members, your partner, and a member of our staff to share the details of your progress. However, it’s important to understand that these meetings should happen with your consent and knowledge.

Group therapy
You can attend group therapy sessions offered by your outpatient services provider. Some of these sessions include:

  • Process groups
  • Recovery skills building groups
  • Optional AA and 12-step groups
  • Targeted addiction-themed group discussions

Most of your therapy sessions offered in this setting will form a peer group setting, which helps people recovering from drug and substance abuse establish supportive relationships with peers who share the same substance abuse histories. Also, you should note that process groups differ depending on topics—however, each group is designed to address the challenges, struggles, and concerns of living in addition and maintaining sobriety.

Family therapy
Family therapy sessions are an important part of outpatient treatment programs. Throughout your outpatient treatment program, you and your family will participate in an individualized family therapy session as required and indicated by the treatment plan that we recommend. One thing you should understand is that your family will always be involved and affected by drug and substance addiction—before and after your recovery.

How can an outpatient

Treatment program benefit you?

There are several benefits that outpatient treatment programs offer. Outpatient treatment programs are structured in a manner that allows you or your loved one to schedule treatment based on your professional and personal life without putting any pressure on any aspect of your life. This is also an excellent way to maintain your privacy as you get the necessary help to get you out of your addiction problem.

If you or your loved one is struggling with chronic relapse, we can help you find the right outpatient program that will give you the support you need to overcome that challenge. These treatment programs have the right resources to help you reduce the likelihood of a future relapse equipping you with the right knowledge and skills to maintain your sobriety. Through individual and group therapy sessions, you can identify your new and old triggers and learn how to deal with them while creating a plan to deal with any issues whenever they arise. By doing so, these outpatient treatment programs reduce the risk of relapse and allow our residents to stay on the right path of recovery.

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