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The Sober Living California provides premier alcohol and drug recovery programs, transitional housing, and career development programs for people living in California. If you are struggling with drug and substance addiction, you are not alone—and you shouldn’t shy away from getting the necessary assistance. The Sober Living California is committed to helping you break your addiction habits and live a life free of drugs and alcohol consumption.
So, if you need a safe and peaceful environment to start your recovery journey, call us today or visit our California recovery house for more information. The staff at our California location are not only committed to helping you recover from your addiction, but they will also help you join the right development program to prepare you for life after recovery.

Our dedicated team at our California locations understand addiction’s power. We aim to teach you or your loved one life coping skills without getting back to your drug and alcohol addiction problem by implementing our different programs. Our main focus here at The Sober Living California is relapse prevention. We understand that there’s a chance for you or your loved one to relapse while in your early recovery stages. At The Sober Living California, we will go all the way through to help you avoid relapse and provide the necessary support that you or your loved one needs in case of a relapse.

At The Sober Living California, it’s all about support, accountability, and structure. We will help you or your loved one learn how to start taking responsibility for your life, something we believe is a catalyst for change. The team in our California location recognizes that addition isn’t a one-size-fits-all problem. Thus, they create a personalized treatment program for all our clients. We have a small population here at The Sober Living California, which allows us to work closely with each client while ensuring that they take the right steps towards sober living.

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Sober Living California?

The Sober Living California is more than a sober living house. We have a team of dedicated specialists committed to seeing you or your loved one overcome their addiction problem. The team is also committed to overseeing your personal growth and development during your recovery journey.

Our team at The Sober Living California has gathered effective and holistic tools and techniques to ensure that you permanently deal with your addiction problem. The Sober Living California also has a supportive community to help and walk with you during your recovery journey. This community provides a safe place for you or your loved one to share your experiences in life—something we’ve established to be very effective for people recovering from addiction.

Over the years, we’ve discovered that community support and connection are very important to a lasting recovery. That’s why everything that we do here at The Sober Living California is done to assist you to reconnect with yourself, family, and the community around you.

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