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At The Sober Living Texas, we provide affordable and effective alcohol and drug treatment program for people seeking a new life after recovering from addiction. For years, we’ve been offering assistance to people suffering from addiction living in Texas by providing safe recovery services, a supportive environment, groups, and career development programs.

So, if you or your loved one live in Texas and you desire to break free from your drug and alcohol addiction problem, we are more than ready to support you in your recovery journey. If you are interested, get in touch with us today, and we shall get you into the right program for your recovery.

Why The

Sober Living Texas?

At The Sober Living Texas, we aim to provide the best addiction treatment services in Texas and the surrounding areas. Our Texas facility creates the environment that allows you to practice what you’ve learned while going to school, work place, and mending your broken relationships with family and friends. We are also committed to the continual development of our addiction treatment programs.

Our Texas facility brings fresh and evidence-based treatment programs for people recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. We always try to improve our services by:

  • Reaching out to our clients who are struggling with an addiction problem
  • Engaging with our clients in personalized therapies, designed to assist them in creating and following a new wellness plan
  • Providing long-term support after completing your program to help you in re-integrating into the society
Our affordable

Programs in Texas

At The Sober Living Texas, you will receive the support and tools you need to live a sustained life of sobriety. We understand what you are going through—thanks to our experience, and we are committed to helping you get back to your normal, drug-free life. The Sober Living Texas is committed to helping you live a life of sobriety through the following services:

  • Sober living – The Sober Living Texas provides a safe and supportive environment and community to help you deal with your addiction problem.
  • Support community – all our treatment programs are community-centered, improving your chances of recovery.
  • Drug testing – we do regular drug testing here at The Sober Living Texas to make sure that you uphold your commitment to living a drug and alcohol-free life.
  • Meeting transportation – we will provide transportation services to your 12-steps or AA meetings.
  • Mentoring and life skills – at The Sober Living Texas, you will get the right mentors to help you learn the life skills you need to maintain your sobriety.

Our mission here at The Sober Living Texas is to offer you a safe living environment for not only your recovery, but also dynamic development program, which includes career guidance, resume creation, job readiness, and job hunting. If you are searching for a safe and affordable drug and alcohol recovery center in Texas, please reach out to us today. You are guaranteed to find staff who will treat you with the dignity and respect you deserve.

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