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Once enrolled in our different facilities, we require all our residents to participate in our weekly alcohol and drug testing program. Kindly note that the costs involved in these exercises will be accounted for in the monthly expenses, and you or your loved one is required to participate in this program while living in any of our sober living homes. This program is not designed to discourage anyone from enrolling in our sober living homes. Rather, we’ve designed it to hold you or your loved one accountable to their recovery goals. It’s the best way to ensure a safe and drug-free living environment for all our clients.

At The Sober Living, we pride ourselves on innovating drug testing methods that will never threaten you or your loved one’s sobriety. We have trained all our personnel to follow a simple drug screening process that delivers accurate results. We have a state-of-the-art toxicology laboratory, which allows us to prevent and validate all false positives that might happen because of certain prescribed medications.

Our drug

Screening process

Our drug and alcohol screening program helps us to verify whether you or your loved one is keeping their commitment to living a drug and substance-free lifestyle. At The Sober Living, we understand that this is a key aspect for anyone seeking to transition from addiction to living a sober life—and we take it very seriously.

Our drug screening program follows the following outline—it’s what you should expect once you are enrolled at The Sober Living:

  • We require all our residents to participate in onsite drug and alcohol testing once a week. Please note that you can be asked to do several tests if we feel that’s necessary.
  • We have a thorough drug testing process, which tests almost all the substances that can cause addiction. Besides, it allows our staff to obtain immediate results after the test—meaning you don’t have to wait for long.
  • We send all the samples to a toxicology laboratory. After completing the onsite drug test, we send all the samples to our modern toxicology laboratory, where we test them for alcohol, synthetic drugs like bath salts and spice, as well as core drugs. The samples are tested within 48 – 72 hours.
Why do you need

Our Drug and Alcohol testing services ?

The drug and alcohol testing program that we provide here at The Sober Living provides several benefits for anyone enrolled in our homes. Some of the benefits of this program include:

  • Regular and consistent testing – all our sober living programs require our residents to regularly undergo drug and alcohol testing. This helps ensure that they are living a drug and substance-free lifestyle. Besides, it allows one to be accountable for their life, which is an important motivation for anyone pursuing their recovery goals.
  • Fast and simple process, with accurate results – at The Sober Living, we understand that your family members want to see accurate results delivered within the shortest time possible. Our results are provided within 72 hours after the sample is taken, with the slightest possibility of false positives.
  • You have easy access to results – our website allows our residents and their family members to access test results whenever they want, so long as they are enrolled in our facility. Also, we do offer printed test results for your convenience.
  • Peace of mind – most of our clients’ families desire to see their relatives live a safe and sober life once they get enrolled in our sober living home. And this is why we offer drug testing programs, as they help give you peace of mind since you know what your relative is walking on the right path towards sobriety.
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