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At The Sober Living, we provide a personalized approach required to manage different addiction problems. Besides, we believe that everyone has their own story. And while all treatment methods are the same, we recognize that drug addiction recovery is personal. Thus, we have created treatment services with different levels, which ensure that all our clients achieve permanent results.

Our wide range of care services allows all our clients to get the treatment services they need to transition from addiction into sobriety and a life of personal growth. Before creating your treatment plan, we take the time to understand your unique needs. This allows us to customize your treatment plan in a manner that unlocks your highest potential.

Our treatment programs are based on the

Following pillars

  • Safety – this is our primary concern for all our clients. At The Sober Living, we have created a safe environment that allows all our patients to undergo recovery safely. All our staff members are always ready to respond to any emergency, regardless of the time. This, in turn, helps to create an awareness that encourages communication and trust between our clients and staff.
  • Community – all the treatment programs we have at The Sober Living are structured so that they must work in a community setting. All our treatment services are designed to create a culture of peer support, something you will notice the moment you walk into any of our sober living facilities. We believe that the community has the power to transform the lives of you or your loved one when recovering from addiction.
  • Accountability – at sober living, we believe in allowing all our clients to have the autonomy to live and enjoy their lives as they see fit. That means we have fewer restrictions but lots of support. We hold all our clients accountable to their daily responsibilities that we consider necessary for recovery, as well as their set goals—this ensures that there are high chances of success. By holding you or your relatives accountable for your goals, behaviors, and actions, we give you the tools you need to transform your love most positively.
  • Affordability – at The Sober Living, we aim to provide high standards of care at the most cost-effective price. That means you don’t have to be worried about the cost of your treatment vs. the services you receive. We only care about your recovery process, welfare, and producing responsible members of society. So, you will still get the best levels of accreditation, practices, and professionalism without having to pay a lot of money.
  • Education – this remains to be an important pillar of our treatment services. All our treatment services incorporate both formal and informal education opportunities. We believe that by teaching you about addiction as a disease and its impact, accountability, and life skills will change how you recover from substance abuse and live a life of sobriety.
The following are the treatment services that we

Provide at our facilities

Sober living

We provide a supportive and drug-free environment of care and like-minded community that you need to overcome your addiction and live a sustained sober life.

Sober support/community

We believe that getting recovery support after your addiction treatment is very important for any recovery process. Because of this, we ensure that all our treatment services are community-centered, as this empowers our clients to have better chances of recovery.

Drug testing

Our drug testing program ensures that you get consistent support during your recovery journey. Besides, this helps us verify whether you or your loved one uphold your commitment to living a drug-free life.

Meeting transportation

Joining a local recovery group meeting like AA and 12-steps meetings, among others, allows you or your loved one to get additional support and a chance to meet other recovering addicts and share your experiences. While we don’t provide such meetings in our facilities, we ensure that interested clients get transportation to these meetings.

Mentoring and life skills

at The Sober Living, we shall equip you or your loved one with the life skills that you need to continue enjoying a life of sobriety after completing your program. Besides, we assign mentors to guide you during and after your treatment program.

Outpatient services

We don’t provide outpatient services at The Sober Living. However, we can help you identify the right services near our home and provide transportation whenever needed.

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